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3 bd / 2 ba / 1100 Sq Ft

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$ 175,000

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3 bd / 3 ba / 1450 Sq Ft

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$ 138,000

3 bd / 2 ba / 1100 Sq Ft

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RE/MAX prides itself on hiring only the best professional realtors who meet the high standards set by RE/MAX worldwide. Kelly Yeung has lived in Edmonton all her life and has a passion for working in and around the city.

Kelly obtained her real estate license over seven years ago and has spent those years developing and nurturing strong connections with mortgage brokers, lawyers, appraisers, inspectors, builders and building contractors. Whether you’re buying, selling, renting, or simply wanting to renovate your property, these connections ensure that you get the best possible service.

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Kelly Yeung

Whether you’re looking to sell or buy property, you always want to work with a real estate agent whom you can trust. The best realtors are those who know the area and have a passion for property and working with people.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your ideal realtor. Not only do they have to be knowledgeable and passionate about the geographical area, but they also have to have sound negotiating skills in order to work on behalf of their clients.

Kelly Yeung - Devon Real Estate Agent

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Buyers have plenty of reasons to purchase a property. Some people work on investment properties, while others simply want a change of pace or lifestyle. Obviously, each purchase is different, which is why it’s essential to have a realtor who really listens to your needs. There is nothing more frustrating than going to see a house and finding that it doesn’t tick any of your boxes.

Whether you are an experienced property buyer or you’re buying your first home, Kelly will provide you with the exact level of guidance you want. She’s always keen to work with first-time buyers and help guide them through the sometimes intimidating process of buying a property. She also knows when to step back and let experienced buyers handle most of the business themselves.

When it comes to RE/MAX Real Estate, we’re committed to finding you the exact property you’re looking for. Our realtors are all experts in their respective cities and can show you a variety of properties in your price range and area. You’re sure to find something that you’ll love.


One of the key aspects of selling your property is making sure that it is positioned in the market place correctly. Many realtors make the mistake of either undercutting or overestimating the value of a property in order to help it move faster or to get as much commission as possible.

Kelly is especially skilled at considering various factors, including the current supply of properties, their selling prices, and how fast homes are selling to find the perfect position for your property.

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Enjoy the hassle free lifestyle of condo living in Devon. No yard work or winter shovelling. Just amazing views and sense of community. 


Take advantage of Devon’s river valley access, great schools, local hospital, proximity to the airport, outlet malls, and Costco.


Don’t just live in Devon, open up your business here too. Devon’s “shop local” mentality is ideal for any business owner. 

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Finding a real estate agent doesn’t have to be a nuisance. If you live in  the Edmonton area and you are looking for a realtor who can work for your best interests, why not give Kelly Yeung or our RE/MAX Real Estate team a call and see what we can do for you.